Hard to find series.
Here you can find hard-to-find titanium and nickel alloy products developed by Zuudee BYD special metal alloy team. All capabilities are strictly inspected including know-how or patents, production facilities, Production Process Validation,number of skilled and professional employee,samples and end-users,etc. Email: info(@)bydtitanium.com
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Fabricated titanium products with the quality unique to specialized companies

Zuudee BYD Titanium Co.,Ltd., was established as a company specializing in fabricated titanium products. For about 16 years since then, it has solved problems with many clients, based on its surefire technologies and strengths.
By utilizing the comprehensive capabilities and broad knowledge and experience of the Zuudee Holding
Group, we will actively give proposals and disseminate information for marketing to satisfy clients, while pursuing the creation of valuable products and services, including the development of new titanium materials and purposes of use of our products.
*Products and services provided by the Zuudee BYD Titanium:

Purposes of use:
Forged titanium products
Machined titanium products
Welded titanium products
Titanium powder
Insoluble electrodes
Titanium materials
Features of titanium:
High strength:
Its specific strength is about 2 times that of iron (common steel).
Lighter than iron:
Its specific gravity is 4.51, which is about 60% of that of iron (common steel).
Corrosion resistance in seawater:
Highly resistant to corrosion in seawater

Beautiful appearance with its oxide film:
By changing the thickness of its oxide film, it is possible to produce various colors (interference colors of light).
Harmless to humans:
Highly biocompatible. The ion elusion amount is small, so allergic reactions rarely occur.

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